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These two-part, room temperature curing systems offer the greatest flexibility, tear strength and chemical resistance and eliminate the need for release agents when resin casting. Well-suited for almost any casting medium (plaster, wax, concrete, resin and foam) these mold materials are ideal for repeated casting in liquid resins/plastics/foams. More expensive than polyurethane rubbers, but well worth the expense when casting higher volume resin casting is required.

Platinum Silicone Mold Rubbers

PlatSil platinum silicone mold rubbers are used primarily for polyurethane resin and polyurethane foam casting. This includes making molds to reproduce cold cast bronze art where the resin binder is EasyFlo 60 or EasyFlo Clear. PlatSil rubbers do not exhibit shrinkage upon curing so they are useful for casting dimensionally stable parts for highly accurate prototyping and model making applications. PlatSil rubbers do not require release agent when casting and do not have a limited library life as do tin silicone mold rubbers. Caution should be taken to insure objects that come in contact with PlatSil liquid rubbers are not contaminated with amines, sulfur, tin compounds and others which may inhibit the cure of the system. PlatSil rubbers can be poured as supplied or thickened with PlatThix liquid thickener for brush-on molds. PlatSil 71-Series offer low to firm hardness rubbers some of which are easy 1:1 mix ratios. PlatSil 73-Series systems offer mid range to harder rubbers for industrial silicone rubber mold making applications. PlatSil Gel systems are 1:1 mix soft silicone rubbers that are designed for special effects make up applications. PlatSil Gels can be used as supplied in A~10 or OO~30 hardness versions or can be modified with additive such a Smith's Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener to mimic and tissue consistency!

Watch a PlatSil 71-20 mold being made

Here is a list of our platinum silicone mold rubber series:
PlatSil 71-Series, PlatSil 73-Series, PLatSil Gels

Tin Silicone Mold Rubbers

TinSil tin silicone mold rubbers are two-part, room temperature (RTV) curing systems that are used primarily for casting resins such as polyester, polyurethane, epoxy as well as polyurethane foams and low melting metals. This includes casting cold cast bronze art objects where the resin binder is EasyFlo 60 or EasyFlo Clear. TinSil rubbers are pourable as supplied or can be thickened with TinThix liquid thickener for brush-on mold applications. A brushable/sprayable version called TinSil Brush/Spray 25 is available for use by hand or with low cost, portable equipment. TinSil systems do not require mold release and offer excellent chemical resistance and long mold life during casting. TinSil molds do have a limited shelf-life when cured (library life) so they are not recommended for extended storage. TinSil 80-Series molds are designed for longer library life compared to TinSil 70-Series and other available tin silicone systems.

Watch a TinSil 70-25 silicone poured blanket mold being made

Here is a list of our tin silicone mold rubber series:
TinSil 70-Series, TinSil 80-Series

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