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Poly Latex 60 is a one-part natural latex rubber for creating thin, strong brushed molds. Poly Latex N is a sprayable version. Poly Latex False Face is used to make novelty masks by pouring into plaster molds. Poly Latex mold rubbers are commonly used to make molds for ornamental precast concrete and plaster statuary casting and for numerous hobby, craft, prop and display mold making and casting projects where brushable and sprayable molds are required.

Latex 60

A one-part, brush-on liquid that, after multiple coats, builds up to form a tough rubber blanket mold. Molds made with Poly Latex 60 are often used for casting concrete and plaster statuary.
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Latex False Face

False Face Compound is a one-part, pourable liquid that, when poured into a dry, unsealed gypsum plaster mold, cures to a high-strength, flexible rubber. Poly Latex False Face was designed for making flexible hollow parts for uses such as novelty / Halloween masks, flexible sculpture and animatronic applications.
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