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When it comes to set decor we offer a wide variety of products and fast delivery. Typical products sold for the film industry are:

Moulding plaster Structolite Vermiculite Burlap
Cement (grey/white) Iron oxide pigments Sand Liquip rubber
Hydrocal Cements Resins Sisal

Below is a list of our highlited top sellers for this industry:

Moulding Plaster #1
Often referred to as plaster of Paris or soft plaster, USG® No. 1 Moulding Plaster is used to create waste molds or temporary patterns where surface hardness and strength are not crucial.

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Vermiculite 3A & 2A
Our horticultural vermiculite is made only from the finest premium quality ore in the world, and it is available in several gradations ranging from fine to coarse in order to meet your specific needsBe assured that our ores have been tested and certified by recognized occupational health laboratories in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.
We provide burlap in bolts & bails.
Polytek Products
Polytek Development Corp. manufactures the most complete and versatile line of liquid mold rubbers, liquid casting plastics/resins/foams and other specialty molding and casting materials. These mold materials include two-part, high-performance RTV polyurethane, silicone as well as one-part latex and other specialty systems.

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