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Sto® is the innovative world leader in cladding, coating, and restoration systems.
Sto Corp.'s product line includes: our industry leading StoGuard® waterproof air barrier systems; Specialty Coatings including the patented StoCoat® Lotusan® coating with self-cleaning effect, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS); and more...

We are proud to announce that we also tint our products to color match you project. We can match any color from any sample. Before you receive your product, we will supply you with a sample sheet to make sure that the color meets your needs.

Here is a list of our featured Sto products:

StoGuard RapidSeal®

Fast Cure – Allows work to proceed quickly without costly delays and interruptions to work schedule. Eliminates mesh, fabric and tapes at rough openings (when used with StoGuard) – Simplifies and speeds application. Cures in wet weather and on damp substrates – Avoids costly wet weather work shut downs or wash-offs; adheres to damp substrates without blistering or increase in drying time. Installs down to near freezing temperatures (33°F [0.56°C]) – Extends construction period deeper into cold weather season. Easy to install – Does not require highly skilled applicator work force reduces labor costs. Low VOC and South Coast AQMD Compliant – Compliant with all national, state and local VOC regulatory requirements; can be used throughout the US and Canada. Qualifies for LEED credits.

StoGuard GoldCoat®

Sto GoldCoat® is a code recognized, vapor permeable fluid-applied membrane designed for application under EIFS and various other claddings, including metal panels, cement board, vinyl, wood, brick and stone. Sto GoldCoat® is a substrate treatment which is part of the StoGuard air barrier and moisture barrier assembly. The assembly combines the Sto GoldCoat® sheathing treatment with StoGuard joint / rough opening treatments to create a continuous air and moisture barrier which prevents air infiltration and ingress of water into the building, protecting moisture sensitive components, and providing the base for an energy efficient wall assembly. Sto GoldCoat® can be roller or spray applied through standard airless sprayers. Sto GoldCoat® can be used on gypsum and wood-based sheathings, or CMU.

Exterior Insulation &   Finish System - EIFS

Sto recognizes the impact that buildings can have on the environment and on their occupants."Building with conscience" means that we collaborate with like minded customers and partners to play a leading role, ensuring that the world in which we live is designed and built in line with environmental requirements and our needs as human beings. We strive to maintain the value of old and new buildings for their owners, investors and users, by producing product systems such as EIFS cladding systems, stucco, building wraps, air barriers, moisture barriers, waterproofing protection, coatings and facade repair products, that improve a building's energy efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal.

StoCoat Lotusan®

StoCoat Lotusan®: Dirt runs off with the water that falls on your facade.
Dirt particles are unable to hold on the leaves of the lotus plant and simply flow off with the rain droplets that fall on the plant.

Lotus-Effect® - Dirt runs off with StoCoat Lotusan =>
The Lotusan® exterior coating possesses a highly water-repellent surface similar to that of the lotus leaf. Its microstructure has been modeled on the lotus plant to minimize the contact area for water and dirt. The surface additionally offers enhanced hydrophobic properties.

The problem with conventional exterior paints:
The soiling of the facade becomes increasingly visible over time. On weather exposed sides in particular, microorganisms find an ideal environment for colonization in the form of adequate moisture and nutrients from dirt deposits.

The Lotus-Effect® on facades:
Water and dirt flow off immediately. The facade remains dry and attractive.

StoCoat Lotusan® featuring a pronounced self-cleaning effect:
Very high level of water and dirt-repellence after drying of the coating.
Highly resistant to soiling, pronounced self-cleaning effect.
Resists the growth of mold, mildew, and algae.
Excellent weather and chalk resistance, UV-stable.
Ideal for new construction and recoat projects over concrete, stucco, EIFS, and fiber cement board substrates.
High water vapor permeability.
Smooth matte (flat) surface.
Available in virtually any color, including custom color matching.
Can be recoated with traditional acrylic & silicone based paints, though with the loss of the Lotus-Effect®.

Sto Flexyl

Sto Flexyl is an acrylic-based, fiber reinforced, flexible waterproofer. When combined with Portland cement, Sto Flexyl provides multiple functions, including; waterproof adhesive and base coat in Sto Insulated Wall Claddings, crack repair material as well as a foundation waterproofer.

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