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PlatSil Gels

Polytek's PlatSil Gel product line consists of two 1A:1B platinum silicone rubbers with a 5-6 minute working time that cure in 30 minutes to a Shore A~10 hardness (PlatSil Gel-10) or a much softer Shore OO hardness of 30 (PlatSil Gel-OO). Use PlatSil Gels to create prosthetic appliances, skins, for lifecasting as well as for general RTV silicone mold making.
An array of accessory products can be used independently or in concert to increase working time, accelerate cure time, thicken the mix for brushing/layering, thin the mix for easier pouring, or “deaden” the rubber to soften and eliminate the snappy, synthetic look and feel of ordinary silicone rubbers. Deadened PlatSil Gels can be made to look, feel and move like all types of living tissue. Unlike silicone fluid, Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener does not leach from the cured rubber/appliance, so bonding and use are far simpler.
Both PlatSil Gel-10 and PlatSil Gel-OO share all the same array of accessory additives (including Smith's Deadener) making it easy to use either system. In fact, PlatSil Gel-10 an Gel-OO can be combined in any ratio (keeping their individual A's and B's 1:1) to make any hardness silicone gel between a Shore A~10 and a OO~30.

The features of this product are: Shore A~10 or Shore~OO , translucent silicone rubber • Mix Gel-10 and Gel-OO together for variable hardness • Low viscosity mixes • Add “Deadener” to create ultra-realistic prosthetic appliances • Appliances are self-sticking, reuseable • Fast 30-minute cure • Color with SiliColor pigments • Thicken for layering/brushing • Speed or slow cure with additives

Smith's Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener

Smith's Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener is an additive for PlatSil Gel-10 used to simulate the look and feel of skin or human tissue. Up to 250% of Gel-10 A+B can be used to create a super-gel which is extremely soft and sticky (can be self adhered to actor/actress' skin and reused). Any level up to 250% can be used to mimic the slow stretch and recovery properties of human tissue. Great for silicone gel filled appliances and special effects.


For thickening PlatSil 71, 73 and Gel-10 Series products to create a consistency useful for making brushed molds or for layering in the case of PlatSil Gel-10 skins or appliances. When brushing layers with faster curing PlatSil systems, make sure the subsequent layer is applied within 25 minutes of the previous coat in the case of PlatSil Gel-10 and within 1 hour in the case of PlatSil 71-11 and 71-20.

PlatSil 71 & 73 R Retarder

PlatSil 71 & 73 R can be used with all PlatSil silicone liquid rubbers to slow the cure and yield a longer working time. Adding ~1% (to the Part A first) of part R to the total A+B mixed weight roughly doubles the working time. Adding ~2% roughly triples the working time. Do not exceed 4%.

PlatSil 71 & 73 X Accelerator

This accelerator is used in all PlatSil silicone mold rubbers to speed the cure. Use of this product not only reduces the demold time, but also reduces working time. When added to the part B first, a ~1% addition (to the total B weight) decreases gel time to ~1/3 the normal. The addition of 2 parts decreases gel time to ~1/4 that of the normal for that PlatSil product. Experimentation required.

Silicone Fluid 50cs

Poly-Sil silicone fluid is a super low viscosity (50 cSt) thinner / softener that can be added sparingly to TinSil, PlatSil and PlatSil Gel-10 silicone rubbers. More than a 10% fluid addition may exude from the rubber.

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Watch a PlatSil Gel lifecast mold being made

Watch a PlatSil Gel appliance being applied

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